Weatherman Sneaks Snoop Dogg Lyrics Into His Forecast And Snoop Approved!

Weather reports don’t have to be boring. Adam Krueger, chief meteorologist for CW39 Houston, is proof of that.

He is known to many as the weatherman who sneaks things like the daily wordle, sports teams’ names, specific words or phrases, and song lyrics into his weather reports. The popular TikToker recently snuck some of Snoop Dogg’s rap lyrics into his weather report and got the approval of Snoop himself.

Meteorologist Adam Krueger Got A Request To Sneak Snoop Dogg Lyrics Into His Report

Adam KruegerAdam Krueger
Adam Krueger – TikTok

Krueger got this request from a follower, “Did you do Snoop Dogg already if not, can you do it please,” and he was happy to oblige even though he has done some Snoop Dogg lyrics in the past. 

“I have done him before. ‘Gin and Juice’ in the past. Today though, I’m doing ‘Who Am I (What’s My Name),’” he said at the beginning of his video. “Yeah, challenge accepted.” 

Krueger makes it look easy by getting a good amount of Snoop lyrics into his daily weather report. “From the depths of the sea back to the block,” he started off. He then snuck in, “Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me,” as he showed his social media handles on the screen. He continued with his report sneaking some more lyrics into his forecast. “Step through the fog, and we’ll creep through the smog,” he continued. 

A little later in his forecast, he was able to get “Guess what? He is I and I am him,” into his report flawlessly. He was even able to use the lyric, “It’s like that and as a matter of fact, rat tat tat tat” like the pro that he is. 

Snoop Dogg Approved Of Adam Krueger’s Weather Report

Krueger’s followers were not the only ones impressed with his Snoop lyric-filled weather report. Snoop himself reposted the video on his Instagram page captioned, “Weather man on one 🎙️👍🏿👊🏿🔥🐾💨💨”

His repost of the weather report using some of his lyrics received nearly 30,000 likes and hundreds of witty comments.

One of Snoop’s Instagram followers commented, “These weathermen are different breed now a days. One dancing and raps. This do snoopified weather.” Another fan wrote, “He’s having too much fun as a meteorologist 🔥🎙🙌”

Adam Krueger’s TikTok Followers Also Had Some Things To Say

Adam KruegerAdam Krueger
Adam Krueger – TikTok

On Krueger’s TikTok video, his followers also left some funny comments, as well as requests for future weather reports. “Did you really say “rat tat tat tat” on live TV??? WOW! Love it,” one person said. Another commented, “I hope this was a whole class at whatever journalism school you attended.”

Many of his followers had suggestions for future weather reports, including, Wu-Tang Clan, “Seinfeld,” “Schitt’s Creek,” “Big Bang Theory” and Ice Cube.

This Was Adam Krueger’s Second Time Sneaking Snoop Dogg Lyrics Into His Report

Adam KruegerAdam Krueger
Adam Krueger – TikTok

At the beginning of his recent Snoop Dogg-inspired weather report, he mentioned that this wasn’t the first time quoting one of Snoop’s rap songs in the weather forecast. In early January, Krueger was able to sneak some lyrics from “Gin and Juice” into his weather report. 

 “Yes, I’m so glad somebody suggested Snoop Dogg, ‘Gin and Juice’ one of my all-time favorites from Snoop. I did several references throughout the show,” he said before showing his news report. “Challenge accepted.” 

He got his own variation of some of Snoop’s lyrics into the weather forecast. “With so much drama in the FAA, it’s kind of hard taking a vacation these days,” he said. “Now as we go late overnight, we’ve got showers in Houston along the front, and they’re not leaving till six in the morning.”

His weather forecast challenge continued, “But really nice weather heading into the weekend. I’ve got my mind on the sunny and the sunny on my mind.” 

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