Wedding Gossip Says Lindsay Lohan Supposedly Snubbing Britney Spears, Paris Hilton From Second Ceremony

Is Lindsay Lohan slashing the guest list to her upcoming wedding? According to one tabloid, the Parent Trap actress has explicitly uninvited her old friends Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Let’s check in on the state of Lohan, Spears, and Hilton’s iconic friendship.

Lindsay Lohan’s Devastating ‘Wedding Snub’?

Per Us Weekly, Lindsay Lohan is reviving an old rivalry by leaving her old pals Britney Spears and Paris Hilton off of the guest lists for her upcoming wedding celebrations. While she and her husband, Bader Shammas, exchanged their vows in a private ceremony earlier this summer, sources spill that the Freaky Friday star is planning to host two wedding celebrations—one in Dubai and another in the United States.

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“It’ll be [mostly] family,” a source begins, “and very low-key.” But insiders say there’s no chance Hilton and Spears will make the guest list. “She doesn’t want her wedding [day] to be a joke,” the tipster asserts. “Lindsay has totally moved on from those dark days… She has no interest or need to be reminded of it.”

Apparently, Lohan has no hard feelings towards Spears and is happy that the “Toxic” singer was able to end her conservatorship. But as for Hilton, sources say they have yet to bury the hatchet. “This is the person who called Lindsay names, spread rumors, and turned people against her when she was at her most vulnerable,” the insider reveals. “Lindsay [hasn’t] forgotten about that.”

Lindsay Lohan Hasn’t Forgiven Paris Hilton?

The tabloid is asking its readers for far too many leaps of faith. First of all, there’s no evidence to suggest Lohan is planning any wedding celebrations. It’s completely possible, but the magazine refers back to its own past reporting as fact. Nothing has been confirmed, so it’s bizarre that the outlet insists these alleged celebrations are happening.

And if we can’t even confirm that Lohan is planning any kind of wedding bash, how in the world are we supposed to buy this nonsense about the guest lists? The tabloid is just piling speculation on top of speculation and we can’t confirm even the most basic details of its story.

Furthermore, while we have no idea how Lohan feels about Hilton all these years later, Hilton has made it clear that she doesn’t have any hard feelings towards Lohan. Back in December, Hilton reflected on her friendship with Lohan and Spears on her podcast. Hilton congratulated Lohan on her engagement announcement and insisted she was “so happy for her.”

It doesn’t seem like there’s an active feud between Hilton and Lohan. Just because they aren’t actively in each other’s lives anymore, it doesn’t mean there’s any bad blood.

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While it’s been a while since the once-dubbed “holy trinity” of Spears, Lohan, and Hilton got this kind of tabloid attention, Us Weekly has stayed busy spreading dubious gossip about other celebrities. Just a couple of weeks ago, the outlet reported Julia Roberts was on the brink of divorce. Then the magazine claimed Jennifer Garner was worried about Ben Affleck. And the publication even alleged Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were planning to have a baby together. So, we always try to take the outlet’s reporting with a grain of salt.

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