Wesley Snipes Recommends Watching Coming 2 America in a Diaper Because It’s So Funny

Coming 2 America is one of the highest anticipated movies of the year. Now, Wesley Snipes is promising some big laughs and thinks wearing a diaper might be the best way to experience the sequel. Eddie Murphy previously promised that the sequel is even funnier than the original, which Snipes seems to be backing up in a new interview. When asked about the movie, he just gushed. You can read what he had to say below.

“You’re going to have to wear a diaper! You’re going to have to put something or some pad underneath because you’re going to just leak all over yourself. I am telling you.”

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Wesley Snipes also noted that he and the rest of the Coming 2 America cast had a blast making the movie. “There was a couple of times where we were in a couple of scenes where the laughing, it just, kicks in,” Snipes recalled. “And there was some funny people on this particular production. A lot of talented people… and a lot of the older, or the original cast, has rejoined. So very interesting things you’re going to see with this one.” In other words, it sounds like fans of the first installment will enjoy the sequel.

In addition to talking about how funny Coming 2 America is, Wesley Snipes revealed some more details about his character. “I am the big brother [of Vanessa Bell Calloway’s Imani Izzi].” It had been previously revealed that Snipes is playing the sequel’s villain. “I am also the one that is making sure that everything in the whole region is under control. My name is General Izzi. We can make it hard or we can do it easy. It is up to you,” the actor says.

Wesley Snipes originally auditioned for the role of Darryl Jenks, which went to Eriq La Salle in the original. “I think it was myself, Eriq La Salle, and I want to say Mario Van Peebles were the finalist in getting that role — and I didn’t get it,” Snipes recalls. “I remember [being] in my bathroom, in front of the mirror, and the Denzel Washington tear running down my face. So sad. I thought my career was over. How could I lose that opportunity to work with Eddie Murphy?” Luckily, Snipes got his chance a little later down the road.

Wesley Snipes knew it was special when he was able to work with Eddie Murphy on Dolemite is my Name and was pretty excited to get the role in Coming 2 America. “So when I saw all of them, and I was on the set, and I walked in and I saw the production design, I was like, ‘This is why I do this. This is why I’m in this business right here.'” Everything has come back full circle for Snipes, who promises that the sequel is going to live up to the hype. The interview with Wesley Snipes was originally conducted by Entertainment Tonight.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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