What Do You Do When Your Eyebrows Go Gray? From DIYing To Hiring A Professional, We Have Ideas

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Gray has emerged as one of the hottest beauty trends these days, and pro colorists and real women alike have plenty of tips on how to transition gracefully to silver locks. Nonetheless, while gray hair on our head is in style, eyebrow graying may be more controversial.

Graying eyebrows is one of those surprising things that happen to us as we age. Still, if your brows start to look mismatched due to wispy grays for the first time, there are plenty of things you can do.

Should You Color Your Brows?

Whether to color your brows is a personal decision, but if it’s a route you’re interested in, there are multiple ways to tackle. Eyebrow tinting, or applying a semi-permanent dye, has become increasingly popular. Moreover, it lasts for at least six weeks before grays and whites return.

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Dying eyebrows yourself can be a tricky process for some, resulting in unnaturally dark or uneven brows. It may be necessary to seek professional assistance for matching your natural color and shaping.

Alternatively, you can purchase eyebrow tints and easy-to-use brow gels for the perfect eyebrow color if you cannot get to a salon. These results may not be as permanent, which ultimately may be a good thing.

How Can You Make Your Eyebrow Color Look Natural?

In order to conceal your gray brows and keep them looking natural, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind.

  1. Do not over-pluck. Our brow hair becomes more valuable as we age. You should avoid plucking gray hairs unless they are outside your brow’s shape parameter. 
  2. Avoid eyebrow tints that are warm or reddish brown, even if your hair is auburn. It’s better to stick with ashy browns no matter what your hair color is. 
  3. Stick with one shade lighter than the color of the brows. For instance, if you have black hair, use dark brown-black instead of harsh black. If you have blonde hair, you should also avoid darker browns, and opt for light taupe.
  4. Apply with a soft touch. Be careful not to create hard lines or edges, especially on the top of the brows. Brush through with a spoolie brush to evenly distribute the product and keep it looking natural.

What Are The Best Products To Use?

From pencils to gels, there are a number of brow products on the market. Here are a few of our favorites.

It’s natural for brows to thin as we age. That’s why we love NYX’s Thick It Stick It Eyebrow Gel which not only adds a natural tint of color but also helps brows look fuller. The buildable vegan formula contains plant-based fibers that help to fill in sparse spots and lock in your style all day.

Available in eight shades, the flake- and smudge-resistant formula is designed to stay put, so it’s recommended to use a separate brow brush to finish the look.

The genius of Benefit Comestics’ best-selling Precisely, My Brow Pencil is its ultra-fine tip that easily creates hair-like lines with every stroke. The waterproof formula is designed to last all day, while the retractable tip requires no sharpening.

Available in multiple shades ranging from cool light blond to warm black-brown and even a cool gray, the handy applicator also comes with a built-in brush to help create a natural look.

To avoid a heavy-handed look, using a brow powder, like this highly-rated Brow Powder Duo from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a great way to go. We love that the 11 color options come with two complimentary shades in order to create a custom ombre look to accent your brow shape just where you want it.

The highly pigmented buildable powder has a velvety texture and is easy to blend. To use, ABH recommends using their #7B Dual-Ended Eyebrow Brush and stamping the powder into the brows the create hair-like strokes.

At the end of the day, your brows are your business. Dye, fill, or go natural—it’s all beautiful!

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