What Does Pedro Pascal Think of Din Djarin’s New Nickname in The Mandalorian?

Pedro Pascal has revealed his thoughts on Din Djarin’s new nickname from The Mandalorian season 2. Comedian Bill Burr reprised his Migs Mayfeld character for Chapter 15, where he gave Mando a new nickname. Pascal also discusses what it’s like to work with the helmet on at all times. Season 2 of the hit Star Wars live-action Disney+ series is all set to come to a close this week, with season 3 set to premiere on Christmas Day 2021. There are SPOILERS for The Mandalorian season 2 below, so read ahead at your own risk.

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Migs Mayfeld and Din Djarin have to break into an Imperial base in The Mandalorian Chapter 15. In order to infiltrate the base, they have to swap uniforms with some Imperial officers, which means that Djarin has to take off his Mandalorian armor. Our hero is clearly uncomfortable in his new suit, but he will stop at nothing to get Grogu back from Moff Gideon. This is proven when Djarin removes his Imperial helmet to complete a facial scan.

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With his helmet off, Din Djarin almost runs into some trouble, which is when Migs Mayfeld comes up to save the day, nicknaming Mando “Brown Eyes.” Pedro Pascal definitely approves of this new nickname. “Brown Eyes, man. I love it,” he said when an interviewer recently asked him about The Mandalorian Chapter 15. Pascal did not talk about the origin of the nickname, but it sounds like it could be a reoccurring joke at some point down the line, now that Migs Mayfeld is one of the rare people to have seen the hero without his helmet.

When asked about what it’s like in general wearing Mando’s helmet all of the time, Pedro Pascal said, “There isn’t a lot you can see through that helmet. It’s tinted and your breath fogs it up pretty quickly.” With that being said, the actor takes on a lot more of the role this time around. “But everything that I get to look through in terms of that lens is something, whether it’s Amy Sedaris in that wig and the ant creature that she’s playing cards with, and of course The Child is probably one of the best acting partners I’ve ever had.”

While wearing the Mando costume can be tough, Pedro Pascal sounds like he’s used to it now, after sitting out of a lot of season 1. Season 2 has been able to keep getting better and better, leaving Star Wars fans to wonder what will happen this week as the season comes to a close. There is a lot of speculation floating around, but nothing has been officially confirmed at this time. It seems that a lot of fans are expecting a cliffhanger to keep everybody on their toes. You can check out the interview with Pedro Pascal above, thanks to the Jake’s Takes YouTube channel.

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