What Kate Middleton Said During Prince Louis’s Tantrum, Trooping The Colour Revealed By Lip Readers

The fervor surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations continues as lip readers do their best to try to suss out what the royal family was saying to each other during their flurry of public events. Interestingly enough, the royal family seems to have developed a method to frustrate lip readers trying to eavesdrop (so to speak) on them. Kate Middleton definitely uses this method, at least when she’s not trying to rein in her third-born Prince Louis

Royal Conversations Revealed By Lip Readers?

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebration has sadly come to an end, but we’re not ready to let the festivities go quite so soon. With so many members of the royal family making public appearances in honor of the monarch’s 70 years on the throne, there was a lot to take in. 

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three children garnered a lot of attention with many royal watchers curious to see how the parents and kids alike would react to the prolonged scrutiny. While Prince George and Princess Charlotte were praised for their maturity in front of so many eyes, their younger brother Prince Louis was a typical little 4-year-old troublemaker. 

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The adorable boy’s antics were a deeply enjoyable part of the celebrations, though his mom had to take him to task a few times. Lip readers were able to take their best guess (it’s not an exact science, after all; there’s a huge margin of error) at what Middleton had to say to her youngest child when he began throwing a bit of a tantrum during the Jubilee parade.

Kate Middleton In Mom-Mode With Prince Louis

LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 05: (L-R) Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Mike Tindall, Mia Tindall (front row) Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Louis of Cambridge watch the Platinum Pageant on June 05, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

One self-described lip-reading expert told Daily Star that little Louis got grouchy after being caught picking his nose by his mom. She put his hand down and according to the lip reader said, “You have to,” to which Louis supposedly retorted, “I don’t want to.” 

When Louis covered her mouth with his hand, Middleton removed the offending appendage and chided, “I said no hands,” then tried redirecting the rambunctious boy’s attention back to the parade. The Duchess of Cambridge said, “Look,” and pointed forward, but Louis wasn’t having it. He pulled another face at her, causing her to respond, “Stop doing that.” She was soon able to get him to calm down, but the small dust-up caused quite a bit of amusement online.

The Family Admires The Aerial Show

LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 02: (L-R) Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Louis of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping The Colour on June 02, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

That wasn’t the only event that caught lip readers’ attention, though they certainly weren’t as colorful since Prince Louis wasn’t as involved. A separate lip-reading expert spoke with The Sun about the royal family’s interactions on the balcony during Trooping the Colour. Middleton had a much more mundane (and aircraft-focused) conversation with her family at the highly anticipated event. 

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Middleton pointed out the decorative smoke trailing the planes to the kids, remarking quite simply, “See the smoke!” The queen was also very enamored with the flight show, saying, “That’s our air force…the Apaches,” before adding that they were flying in a “clever” formation.

It’s been theorized that the royal family knows they’re under close scrutiny during these balcony moments and deliberately try to keep their chit-chat as boring and mundane as possible to avoid giving lip readers something to talk about. It makes sense, no one, especially not a member of the royal family, wants to be caught airing their dirty laundry in front of millions, particularly with your grandmother and queen of your country watching. 

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