Who Is Tom Segura? All About The Comedian’s Life And Recent Injury

Segura has made four standup specials for Netflix—Completely Normal (2014), Mostly Stories (2016), Disgraceful (2018), and Ball Hog (2020)—and currently has one in the works (more on that in a bit). He’s also appeared opposite Mark Walberg and Rose Byrne in the 2018 movie Instant Family, and has been on popular TV shows such as Workaholics, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Conan, Happy Endings, The Late Late Show, Comedy Central Presents: Tom Segura, Mash Up, and How To Be A Grown Up. In early 2020 (pre-COVID, of course), he was on the road performing his Take It Down Tour, which traveled to 11 different countries and sold more than 335,000 tickets.

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