‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ To End Its Run

Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochrie have been providing improvisational fun to fans since 1998 on the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”.

Drew Carey originally hosted “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” when it aired on ABC, but Aisha Tyler took over hosting during the ninth season when the show moved to CW.

Now, after 24 years, the show is seemingly ending its run.

Colin Mochrie Announced The End Of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Colin Mochrie

In a recent tweet, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” star Colin Mochrie announced that the show will be filming its final season.

“Hey everyone. Hope you are enjoying the current season of Whose Line,” he began before announcing, “In January, we shoot our final season. Thank you all for the support over the years.”

With the next (and final) season on its way, “Whose Line” will have a longer run on CW than it did when it aired on ABC with host Drew Carey. 

The cancellation of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” comes after many other CW shows, including “Stargirl,” “The Flash,” “Riverdale,” and others, have also announced they will be ending as well.

Fans React To “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Ending

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Fans immediately responded to Colin Mochrie’s Tweet, expressing their sadness that the show will be ending. Marv Wolfman Tweeted, “Been a fan since the British version. I’ll miss it. It’s still so much fun. Why is it ending?”

To which Pete Nicholls replied, “I second that question! Your show helped my wife and I (and sooo many others) get through the pandemic. But hey, you’ve been doing this for how many decades? I’ll respect what ever the reasoning. Just helps to know whyyyyyyyy. Which rhymes with whiiiiiiine. 😅”

Another Twitter user took a trip down memory lane to remember some of the great times from the show, “Some bittersweet news, to have a beloved show last for so long, but find out it’s ending. At least we have our favorite memories, like the best Newsflash ever. I did always wonder, though: Was the “badly timed bald joke” line a happy accident or not?”

Eric Larimore chimed in writing, “Literally watching Whose Line while reading this Tweet. Upset that it’s ending, but happy for all the amazing years you guys have given us.”

Another fan of the show, Hedgerow Bustle, Tweeted, “No one is a bigger WLIIA fan than I, nor has watched more reruns than I. I am sad but I knew it had to end sometime. Thank you Colin.”

And Katie Simpson shared a sweet photo of Colin and Ryan hugging along with the caption, “Sad it’s ending; glad it existed. Congratulations on a longer run than Supernatural (my other obsessive fandom). I know you’ve got good things lined up, and wish you as much love as you’re comfortable accepting from the random fandom.”

It is unclear why the show is ending at this time, but fans can expect to see Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochrie return for its final season, along with Aisha Tyler hosting.

“Whose Line Is It Anyway?” currently airs on CW.

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