Why People Think Alex Cooper’s Secret Boyfriend Is Matt Kaplan

Alex Cooper is the host of the wildly popular podcast, Call Her Daddy. After a very public dispute with Dave Portnoy, the podcast left their former producer Barstool Sports and earned an exclusive $60 million deal with Spotify. The deal makes her the second-highest-paid podcaster after Joe Rogan.

As someone who talks about sex and relationships for her job, Cooper is like a modern Carrie Bradshaw. As one might expect from a modern Carrie Bradshaw, everyone wants to know about Cooper’s love life. For a while, Cooper has been talking on her podcast about her secret boyfriend. So, who is the mystery man in Alex Cooper’s life?

Alex Cooper Is Secretive About Her Boyfriend’s Identity

There can be complications when any relationship becomes official or goes public, and it’s important not to put too much pressure on a relationship too soon. These complications are way more important for folks in the public eye—which Cooper knows all too well. Before dating her current beau, she was in a public relationship with New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard and made headlines for hooking up with Logan Paul. It’s no wonder why Cooper has kept her relationship with her latest boyfriend on the down-low. 

We know that Cooper and her mystery lover first got together sometime in 2020. And, since Cooper is a sex and relationships podcaster, it’s difficult for her to keep her lips totally sealed about her own love life. As a result, she does talk about her boyfriend on Call Her Daddy, but she makes sure to only refer to him by a codename. She never mentions his true identity but calls him “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.”

Why Internet Sleuths Think Her Boyfriend Is Film Producer, Matt Kaplan

Of course, any public figure with lots of fans can’t keep their personal life away from curious minds and internet gossip. Cooper and “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” are no exception. Fans have grasped at any bits of info they can in attempts to identify the mystery man, and they’re almost certain they know who he is. 

As tight-lipped as Cooper has been about her man’s identity, she gave away enough details to give the internet sleuths something to go off. She revealed that her boyfriend is a movie producer. She’s also posted multiple photos of her boyfriend’s adorable dog, Henry, on her Instagram.

Between the knowledge about his career and dog, fans were able to connect a real name to the nickname. They’ve come to the conclusion that “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” is likely producer, Matt Kaplan. While you may not know Matt Kaplan by name, you almost certainly know some of the work he’s done. He’s been a producer on many films and TV projects, including the popular To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise. 

Interestingly, Kaplan’s IMDb page now lists Cooper as his spouse. This seems like a definite confirmation that the two are a pair, but fans are left wondering if the two are actually married. There’s been no confirmation of their nuptials, nor has there been formal confirmation that “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” and Matt Kaplan are the same person. According to Cooper, she’s going to continue talking about her personal life while also keeping “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man’s” identity under wraps.

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