Why You Need To Stop Microwaving Water For Your Morning Tea

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English tea has a reputation for being a classy affair. Although this doesn’t always mean forgoing tea bags, it does mean preparing tea correctly. In general, this means how you heat your water for your tea. So, if you’re not preparing your cuppa using a kettle, you’re not making a proper cup of tea, period. 

Surely a microwave can heat water more effectively than a kettle, right? Yet, tea lovers partial to microwave-shortcut teas would be surprised to find that isn’t the case. According to some sources, the microwave results in a subpar tea drinking experience. 

Best Way To Heat Water For Your Morning Tea

Using a kettle when preparing tea is the best option. According to one study, the way kettles and microwaves heat water is very different. Essentially, water heated in a kettle heats by convection. Thus as the water heats from the bottom, it rises, and colder water falls to the bottom. As a result, the water mixes and becomes uniform in temperature.

Alternatively, the microwave uses volumetric heating creating shorter waiting times. But, unfortunately, quicker doesn’t always mean better. According to the study, “The temperature of the top is always the highest in the liquid when heated by microwaves.” In short, unlike the kettle, the microwave doesn’t provide a uniform temperature.

Kettles may make a better cup of tea, but waiting for one to boil is not always convenient, which is why many turn to a microwave. However, the COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle can boil water in just under three minutes, so you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea.

The Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle Will Change Your Morning Routine For The Better

A black cosori electric gooseneck kettle on a white background
(Bed Bath & Beyond)

Tea connoisseurs know that water temperature is critical when it comes to the type of tea they choose to brew. As well as providing fast and even heating, the Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle also has five precise temperature settings. Due to this, this number one best-selling kettle will never burn your tea leaves, ensuring the best cup of tea every time. 

Moreover, you can leave the kettle on, as the Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle comes with a one-hour “keep warm” function. Consequently, this allows hot water to be on standby for your second or third cup. There’s no need to heat the kettle again. 

Additionally, for coffee lovers, the Cosori Gooseneck is perfect for pour-over coffee, offering more control than a traditional kettle. As a result of a more comfortable and slower pour, the Cosori has a more balanced saturation for the perfect brew. 

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