With Millions Of Views, Lisa Pedace’s TikTok Comedy Series Is The Hilarious Break You Need From The World Right Now

Lisa Pedace is both a writer and an actress, although these days she’s probably best known for her comedy shorts on TikTok and Instagram. She’s, however, been in the business for a while.

Before TikTik or Instagram even launched Pedace played minor roles on popular television shows. She’s especially known for her roles in Veronica Mars and Monk in 2005 and 2007, respectively. She’s also toured two one-woman shows at festivals and venues all over the US and Canada. And then there’s her comedy cabaret called Cabardoodle. Long story long, she’s a busy lady!

Lately, her popularity on social media platforms has soared. She has over 674K followers on TikTok alone and she has views in the millions. She posts regularly on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Her quirky and cute shorts feature recurring characters, and she embodies them all expertly. She’s funny, clever, and somewhat offbeat, and we love it.

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There’s the oddly specific prayer warrior at bible study, the one-upping smart shopper, and of course, the mustachioed detective. You’ll find references to Seinfeld, discussions of changes to our bodies, and other relatable Gen X material. Which series do you like the most?

Honey Look

There’s just so much to observe in her “Honey Look” series. Don’t we all have that one friend who feels the need to point out every obvious thing? Or maybe we are that friend.

Oh, Hi!

Another person we all know—the one who talks sh*t about everyone. Well at least until they’re in earshot. They’d likely deny it forever, though. “Oh, hiiiii!”

Bible Study

Similar to the above-mentioned, there are also undercover gossipy church-goers. These women have too much information for their own good. The pearl-clutching that would be if it weren’t under the guise of prayer.

Smart Shopper

A fan favorite, the smart shopper videos are particularly relatable. We all obviously love a good deal, but maybe let’s not take things that don’t belong to us, even if it’s in the lost and found.


Of course, the proverbial Karen had to make an appearance. We simultaneously love to hate her and her ridiculous requests.


The silliest series, in my opinion. What’s going on? We’re not really sure, but someone is making meatballs and solving crimes. This is one of 52 videos currently, so hopefully, things will become more clear later. “Mon Dieu!”

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