Woman Killed On Set of Alec Baldwin Film, ‘Rust’

Reports coming from the set of Alec Baldwin‘s film, “Rust” indicate that a woman has been killed after an accident involving a prop gun. Baldwin was present on set, at least during the day. New information indicates that he may have been the person who fired a prop gun that lead to the death of an important crew member. He was not hurt. Now local authorities in New Mexico have completely shut down the production of the film. As they investigate the situation further. For now, it would seem that the situation was part of an unfortunate accident.

What Happened

At this point the investigation is ongoing, and we will update as more information becomes available. From what the police are saying there was some type of projectile that came out of the prop gun and struck a woman and a man who were working on set. The woman passed away shortly after being taken to the hospital. The 42-year-old man that was also involved in the incident remains in the hospital. New information indicates that it was actually Baldwin who fired the gun! With director Joel Souza being the man injured. Director of Photography Halyna Hutchins was the woman who died in the incident!

What The Police Are Investigating

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the death of the female crew member who had been airlifted to a local hospital from Bonanza Creek Ranch were the set of the film was located. We know now the woman killed in the incident is Director of Photography Halyna Hutchins. The authorities also mentioned that they are investigating what type of projectile the woman was struck with. To help them determine the nature of the incident. Local police said about the incident,

“Detectives are investigating how [the prop firearm was used] and what type of projectile was discharged,” the Sheriff’s Office added. “This incident remains an active investigation. As more information becomes available, updates will be provided.”

Alec Baldwin Was Reportedly On Set

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From the beginning it was speculated that Alec Baldwin was on set. Alec actually posted a picture of himself on set to his IG page. In a bit of sad irony, Baldwin is seen with a bloody shirt, and holding a blooding coat, already in full makeup ready to go shoot. It’s very possible that the crew members injured in the incident were acting out the part of the film were Baldwin’s character gets that bloody shirt and coat. It seems in fact Baldwin must have been shooting that scene as he is reportedly the person who fired the gun.

Shades of The Brandon Lee Tragedy

This unfortunate situation that has taken place on the set of the movie “Rust” brings back sad memories for Hollywood. Obviously the details surrounding this unfortunate incident are still inconclusive. At least from the information that we know have it seems that the accident looks similar to what happened to the son of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee way back in 1993 on the set of the film The Crow. In that instance, a prop gun was loaded with what have been called “improperly-made dummy rounds”. It’s looking like this incident came about through a similar malfunction.

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