Wonder Woman 1984 Has a Blink-and-Miss Cameo from the Original Movie

While Wonder Woman subtly inserted a reference to Bruce Wayne, Wonder Woman 1984 is in no way connected to the DCEU despite getting multiple chances to insert an Easter Egg or two. While it forgoes that option, it certainly sneaks in plenty of references to the first film. Well, sure, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is the bigger attraction as he returns from the dead to aid Diana in saving the world from Maxwell Lord’s insane plans, but there is another character from 2017’s Wonder Woman who briefly appears in the story in a blink-and-miss moment.& 

(The following article contains major spoilers from Wonder Woman 1984. Stop reading in case you haven’t watched the film yet)

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To summarize, Wonder Woman saw the Amazonian princess Diana Prince leaving the hidden island of Themyscira to stop Ares from instigating a world-wide war to destroy mankind. On the way, she received great help from the pilot and Allied spy, Steve Trevor, his assistant Etta Candy, spy Sameer, marksman Charlie, and the Native American smuggler Chief Napi to thwart God of War’s nefarious plans.& 

When the war ended with Wonder Woman killing Ares and Steve sacrificing himself to save the world, the present-day scenes painted the picture that Diana lost touch with Charlie and the others post Steve’s death. All she had was an old picture taken during the war and that too was delivered to her by Bruce Wayne.& 

But Wonder Woman 1984 sheds a brief yet important light on what happened in all those years after Diana stopped the war. The film begins with the Amazonian warrior tackling mediocre criminals who carry out a hilariously unsuccessful heist at a jewellery store in a mall. After she gets them arrested, Diana returns to her “normal” life in a lavish apartment in Washington D.C. where there are photos everywhere. Of course, Steve crops up in many of them- a paper cutting from a newspaper where he was honoured posthumously, Diana at his family ranch, etc. But there are also pictures of her with Sam, Charlie, Napi, and Etta, proving that she was tight with them post 1918, even after Steve wasn’t there anymore.& 

But of them, it was only one with whom she maintained contact for the longest as we see a photo of Diana with an elderly woman in New York. Judging by the dead-on hairstyle and dressing sense, it is safe to say that the woman is obviously Etta Candy. While, in Wonder Woman, the endearing and equally bold character of Etta (who helped Diana in adapting to 1918’s London) was played by Lucy Davis, it is hard to deduce whether it’s the digitally aged picture of the actress in the frame too or not.&  But given the decades that have gone by since the events in the first film and how Diana never mentions her or the others, it can be assumed that Etta has passed away. Oh, we so wanted to see her dolling out some action scenes- after all, she was “not opposed to engaging in a bit of fisticuffs.” Wonder Woman 1984 is now streaming on HBO Max streaming app.& 

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