WWE’s Brothers of Destruction Documentary Is Heading to the Austin Film Festival

The story of Kane and the Undertaker will be told in Brothers of Destruction, a new documentary from WWE Studios set to premiere at Austin Film Festival. Behind the scenes, the two wrestlers are known to their peers as Glenn Jacobs and Mark Calaway, by all accounts a couple of nice fellows without too much in common with their WWE personas. To WWE fans, however, the two are best recognized for portraying the fictional brothers over the course of many years, becoming one of sports entertainment’s most popular duos of all time.

Per WWE, Brothers of Destruction aims to break new ground by showing fans “a candid discussion between The Undertaker and Kane about their storied careers for the first time. Intertwined since Kane was introduced as the Undertaker’s long-lost brother in 1997, The Big Red Machine and The Deadman have been both bitter enemies and fierce allies, but their relationship never failed to captivate the WWE Universe, resulting in one of sports entertainment’s most incredible legacies.”

Oddly enough, the Undertaker was originally called Kane the Undertaker when he first debuted in WWE (then the World Wrestling Federation) in 1990. The name was quickly dropped, and as the Undertaker, Calaway became one of pro wrestling’s most popular and fearsome competitors, known for sometimes literally burying his moments like an honest-to-god gravedigger. After about seven years, the Undertaker character had evolved, but nothing could prepare him for the introduction of his brother Kane — a man donning black-and-red tights played by Jacobs. Anyone who saw Kane’s debut when it happened can still likely remember Vince McMahon on commentary screaming, “That’s gotta be Kane, that’s gotta be Kane!”

If you didn’t see it, you probably wouldn’t believe the story of Kane and the Undertaker. As explained on WWE programming, Kane is the Undertaker’s little brother who was presumed dead after their home was destroyed by a house fire. It would later turn out that Kane had survived the fire and gone into hiding, waiting for the right moment to return and take out his rage on his brother. Initially, the two feuded with several one-on-one matches taking place between the wrestlers. Eventually, they’d put aside their differences and form the Brothers of Destruction, a tag team that was practically unbeatable with two of WWE’s strongest superstars.

The 27th annual Austin Film Festival and Conference is taking place from Oct. 22 through Oct. 29. Some of the other titles scheduled for the festival include the sci-fi drama Nine Days and the IFC Films drama Farewell Amor. Brothers of Destruction will be shown on Thursday, Oct. 29, closing out the final day of the film festival. Talk about going out with a bang. After screening at the Austin Film Festival, Brothers of Destruction will begin streaming on WWE Network starting on Sunday, Nov. 15, as a part of the streamer’s “30 Days of the Deadman” event. The month-long celebration honors Calaway for his 30 years in WWE, following his recent retirement as an active wrestler.

This news comes to us from the official WWE website.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb

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