Yes, It’s Possible To Befriend A Crow, Here’s How

Crows have been part of folklore, mystery, and legend for centuries. Due to their intelligence, cleverness, and trickster personalities, these flying creatures are often misunderstood. Surprisingly, the curiosity and intelligence that crows possess make them great friend material.

Yes, it is possible to befriend a crow. Although becoming friends with animals may sound more like Snow White than real life, crows are able to recognize human faces and trust people. For individuals like myself who enjoy bird-watching and getting to know backyard animals, this is very exciting news!

But before you begin to befriend your neighborhood crows, there are a few simple steps to follow to ensure that everyone stays safe. You should also check to be sure that leaving food out for wild animals is legal in your area.

1. Find out their food preferences.

The first step to attracting these amazing creatures is to find out what types of foods they prefer. While many crows love junk food, healthy food options are best. Most crows enjoy devouring eggs, unsalted peanuts, cat and dog food, corn, chicken, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

close up of a crow nibbling at something on dusty ground

Finding out what foods your local crows prefer may also take time. You’ll know that you’ve found their favorite foods when the crows quickly descend and eat the tasty treats in your yard.

2. Create a safe environment.

In order to attract the allusive species, creating a safe environment is key. Since they prefer quiet and open spaces, be sure that there are no noisemakers or debris in your yard. Or scarecrows, if that wasn’t obvious.

3. Keep a feeding routine.

Reliability is extremely important when it comes to befriending crows so be sure to have a feeding schedule. By establishing a feeding routine, you’ll build a trusting relationship with your feathered friend.

4. Add a bird bath.

The addition of a bird bath to your yard allows crows to drink water, take a bath, and even wash their food. Since crows are larger birds, a bird bath with a large basin is best.

5. Keep your distance.

Even though crows may become your friends, you still need to maintain a safe distance from them since they are wild animals. Admiring these flying creatures from afar ensures safety for both you and the crows.

crow perched on a trashcan holding a stick
Sticks are just one of several things crows enjoy. (Brian E Kushner/

While these are great tips for befriending crows, be sure that you keep crows in the wild. In fact, it’s illegal to have them as pets since crows are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Thankfully, we can be friends with crows even as they remain part of nature.

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