You’ll Never Make Chicken Another Way Again, Thanks To This Recipe From The Shaba Kitchen

You’re going to love this new dinner recipe from the Shaba Kitchen, creators of the sensational bacon-wrapped volcano potatoes. Their newest recipe is a mesmerizing take on chicken breasts that will change the way you think about chicken dinners forever. 

Skinless, boneless chicken breasts are a weeknight staple. But, sadly they’re notorious for being bland and uninspiring in terms of flavor. However, there’s a new way to cook chicken at the Shaba Kitchen that will make you snub your usual monotonous routine. We guarantee it!

This one-pan meal is easy and oh-so-delicious! A delectable sauce of honey, soy sauce, and apple cider vinegar will double down on the flavor. Not to mention, the recipe calls for an abundance of your favorite dried herbs and spices.

How To Make Honey Garlic Chicken

The Shaba Kitchen began by demonstrating how to prepare chicken breasts for optimal flavor. Using a sharp knife, she scored the top of the breast in a crisscross pattern, stopping just short of cutting through the filets. Next, she rubbed olive oil generously over both sides of the chicken breasts. A spice mixture containing turmeric, cumin, curry, smoked paprika, chili, garlic powder, and dried herbs was also added to the scored crevices of the chicken. 

In addition to spices, she prepared the chicken filets by drenching them in flour before frying them. While butter melted in the frying pan, the TikToker prepared a generous amount of chopped garlic. She joked to the cameraman, “Do you know what happens to garlic when it gets hot? It takes its cloves off!” 

After adding the chicken to the frying pan, she added the chopped garlic, additional butter, honey, apple cider vinegar, and soy sauce for an unparalleled umami flavor. She then sprinkled fresh chives into the pan of glazed chicken, as the cameraman hilariously remarked, “That’s something which chive never seen before.”

Some may find chives on chicken impressive, but we’re also captivated by the honey garlic glaze and the way the chicken resembles grilled chicken. One user commented, “This looks incredible. I’m salivating.”

To make things even more tantalizing, the Shaba Kitchen sliced the chicken filet down the middle to reveal a juicy, perfectly tender breast. Along with it, she served white rice sprinkled with chives and a side salad. Without skipping a beat, she declared it so good, whereas her mysterious cameraman said the chicken “melted in [his] mouth.” 

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