Your Makeup Application Technique Could Be Making Your Skin Look Worse (And Wasting Product)

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When you are in your 40s and 50s and your body is going through perimenopause and menopause, you’ll probably notice some changes to your aging skin. And when that happens, it’s time to change up your makeup and your makeup techniques.

Mature skin makeup expert Colette Vanpaemel is an influencer known as @RealMatureColette on Instagram, and she’s all about offering “simple makeup tips for women over 40.” In a recent post, she drops a game changer, sharing her method for applying makeup on mature skin.

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“Mature skin requires not only different makeup but different application techniques!” Colette says in the caption. “Cream makeup and the tapping/stippling method make the entire difference! Until I began using this makeup and this method, I hated my makeup! This is a game changer!”

In the short video clip, Colette demonstrates the one thing you can do to get a better finish on your makeup application.

“Stop swiping your makeup on, and start tapping,” she says in the reel.

As she explains, you will lose a lot more makeup when you swipe it on with a brush instead of tapping it on the exact spot you want it to go. Tapping is more precise, and as Colette points out, when you use the swipe method your makeup will look patchier and give you less coverage.

“Tapping it exactly in the places you want it and really pressing it into your skin, you are going to get better coverage using less product. And, it’s going to give you a much more natural finish,” Colette says.

The method isn’t just for foundation—it applies to all of your makeup including contour, blending, and applying lip color. Colette notes that you should especially use this technique when you are concealing under your eyes.

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Or, try this pretty, pink, five-piece brush set, which includes brushes for foundation, concealer, blush, and eyeshadow, plus a miracle sponge blender.

And of course, don’t forget to tell Colette what you think of her genius method. You’ve gotta show love to someone who helps you look better and keeps you from wasting valuable makeup!

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