You’re Probably Reading Your Horoscope Wrong

When you think of your Zodiac sign, you’re likely thinking of your Sun sign. Our solar signs are often our first interaction with astrology. 

We hang our hats on our sun sign’s traits, letting them enforce or dissuade our trust in the Zodiac. But what if you’ve been looking at the wrong sign this whole time? 

Our Zodiac profile consists of more than just our Sun sign. We also have Moon and Ascendant (rising) signs, along with planetary and stellar assignments. To get the most accurate reading possible, you have to look at every celestial body’s position in the sky.

Breakdown Of Natal Chart Basics

A natal chart is a map of the sky at the exact location and time of your birth. Whichever constellation is behind the Sun from Earth’s perspective at the time of your birth becomes your Sun sign. 

However, a constellation was also in line with the Moon: your Moon sign. Different planets lined up with stellar formations, determining whether your Venus is in, say, Libra or Capricorn. The constellation just on the horizon is your Ascendant or rising sign. 

Each celestial body influences us in unique ways. The Sun, for example, controls our overall being: ego, life force, vitality. The Moon, on the other hand, rules our innermost feelings or “shadow” selves. 

Your unique sky map ties together your lifelong horoscope, as well as offering smaller, more focused glimpses into your personality. All the elements blend to create that which is uniquely you.

How To Read Your Horoscope

A natal chart is circular and divided into 12 equal sections called houses. Each house rules a different aspect of life. Some of it’s personal, like relationships and self-esteem. Others are big picture-oriented: philosophy, travel, death. 

Your Ascendant acts as a marker for the start of your chart. The houses ascend in order starting with your rising sign and moving counterclockwise. If your rising sign is Leo, Leo is in your 1st House. Virgo would be in your 2nd house, Libra in your 3rd, and so on. 

So, for the most deeply personal horoscope, it isn’t your Sun sign you should be reading at all. It’s the start of your natal chart, the beginning of you: the Ascendant. This is the sign that sits on the far eastern horizon during the moment you were born. Many believe that you should be reading your rising sign when looking up your horoscope because your Ascendant represents yourself (including your appearance, personality, and first impressions).

Bringing Them All Together

Of course, even reading your Ascendant horoscope alone offers a limited scope. You’re a complex being with countless internal and external influences. These factors make up the most minute parts of your person. 

So, if you really want an accurate reading, you should read it all. Your Ascendant horoscope will give guidance in areas that make you, you: ego, life force, and purpose. On the other hand, your Moon horoscope shines a light on your emotional subconscious. 

If you want to get even more specific, look at each of your Houses. Find the House that influences your desired aspect, find its constellation, and read that horoscope. 

Finally, your Sun sign ties everything together. Your Sun sign’s horoscope pertains to the overall picture and the long-term. 

And once you learn how to blend every natal element into one cohesive picture, then you’ll really start to see what the universe has to say about you.

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