Zooey Deschanel’s ‘Regular Date Night’ In Venice With Jonathan Scott Is Anything But Ordinary—Check Out That Dress!

Zooey Deschanel recently shared pictures of what, for her, is a typical date night with her beau, Jonathan Scott. But what Deschanel describes as a regular date night looks more like a fairytale to the rest of us.

A Fairytale Date Night

Deschanel and Scott were in Venice this month for the 79th Venice International Film Festival. The actress and reality TV star went on their so-called ‘regular date night’ just as her latest film, Dreamin’ Wild, premiered at the festival on September 7, 2022. In the biographical movie about the little-known band Emerson, Deschanel plays a drummer and the wife of Donnie, portrayed by Casey Affleck.

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However, it wasn’t Deschanel’s new film that was the showstopper in Venice. That dress, though! Deschanel was enchanting in a gorgeous blue satin gown by Dolce & Gabbana and icy blue stiletto heels. Paired with Scott’s striking black suit, the couple stole the show at the festival.

As you scroll through the pictures of the couple’s “regular date night,” the blue dress becomes more and more captivating. From the onset, the 3D floral accents grab your attention, leaving you longing to see what the rest of the dress has to offer. In the next picture, your wish is granted with a view of the gown’s train that goes on forever. The bustle and off-the-shoulder look complete the fairytale in the remaining pictures.

Anything But Ordinary

Since Deschanel and Scott began dating three years ago, their relationship continues to flourish. The couple is often seen at red carpet events together and enjoying themselves out in the wild. Although the actress is a private person, she does occasionally post pictures of trips the couple takes together. Just a few weeks ago, Deschanel shared that the celebrity couple went out west with her children.

The news of the actress and HGTV’s Property Brothers star took fans by surprise back in 2019. Deschanel had recently broken up with her ex-husband, Jacob Pechenik. She and Pechenik not only share their children but are also the founders of Lettuce Grow, a sustainable food project that reconnects people with food. Over the years, the actress and entrepreneur have stayed in touch—she even shared a photo of Pechenik with Scott and her children on Father’s Day this year.

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The relationships that Deschanel has with both her ex and current lover appear to be anything but ordinary. But as Deschanel and Scott’s relationship continues to grow, we’ll take all the pictures of their “regular” date nights that we can get.

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